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Fun & Easy Kaleidoscope Patterns to Color Volume 2: Coloring Book for Stress Free Living


This is a unique coloring book and was meant for you to enjoy hours of relaxation coloring sacred geometric symbols and patterns. The backgrounds are inked in black, your job is to color in the white parts! Black background coloring books can create a beautiful and unique effect!

Classic symbols include, The Seed of Life, Sri Yantra, Metatron’s Cube, Icosahedron, Star Tetahedron, Torus, the Flower of Life and Vesica Piscis Eye.

Good for color pencils, gel pens, brush tip markers and crayons. For the experienced and beginner colorist. Explore, have fun and fall in love with coloring these classic geometric shapes and patterns.

Here’s what you will get:
  • 24 sacred geometry symbols to color
  • 23 original geometric patterns to color
  • 1 extra blank sheet to use as a protective barrier
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Ready for more Kaleidoscope designs? Get ready for Volume 2!
49 more Kaleidoscope designs for you to color and add to your stress free activities.

Who invented the Kaleidoscope?

The Kaleidoscope was invented by Scottish Physicist Sir David Brewster in 1816. His experimental work in optics and light led him to making a device that would make multiple reflections. He was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and seemingly infinite patterns one could make with his invention.

Where did the word Kaleidoscope Come from?

The word Kaleidoscope comes from the Greek word Kalos meaning “beautiful” eidos meaning “form” and skopein meaning “to view.”

And who didn’t love these as a child?

Before all of the distractions of the modern digital world, came the simple entertainment of the Kaleidoscope.
This book is dedicated to the beautiful and endless patterns you can make with a simple machine like the Kaleidoscope. It was fun making this book and I hope it gives you endless joy of coloring and fond memories of a simple toy that makes infinite, unique, and beautiful patterns.

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