Figure Skating Puzzle Book: Fun & Challenging Puzzles


Do you absolutely love figure skating? Or perhaps you or someone you know is a figure skater?
If so, then let me introduce to you this new and unique puzzle book…

There are 66 fun and sometimes challenging puzzles to solve, all involving the popular sport of figure skating. Exercise your brain and get familiar with figure skating terms, the history of figure skating, and famous Olympic figure skaters, simply by doing these fun puzzles! This book also includes 50 trivia questions to test your knowledge and to learn more about the sport, the names of famous figure skating greats, and the history of figure skating.

Kids ages 8 and above and even adults will enjoy these puzzles and trivia questions. Younger kids will enjoy the word searches and scrambles while older kids and adults will enjoy the challenges that come from solving cryptograms.

Here’s a list of puzzles you’ll get:

  • 20 Word Searches: Everyone’s favorite word puzzles. Enjoy 20-word search puzzles dedicated to figure skating.
  • 16 Word Matches: Can you match figure skating pairs? How about the skater with their country? We have sixteen challenging matches for you to solve!
  • 10 Word Scrambles: If you like doing the daily Jumble then you will love this section.
  • 20 Cryptograms: If you like to break codes and ciphers, these challenging cryptograms are for you.
  • 50 Trivia Questions: So you think you know figure skating? Test your figure skating knowledge and try to answer our trivia questions. You could learn tons while having fun:)
  • BONUS: Go to our website and download free word searches from this book.

Figure skaters and fans of the sport will love this book and would make a thoughtful and unique gift.

Want a free gift? Download a free PDF of one of our grid templates….

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