Figure Skating Journal


Do you need to keep track of your weekly goals and your progress? It’s important to make your goals as specific as possible. This Figure Skating Journal allows you to do just that. It not only gives you an organized way to keep note of your daily and weekly progress, but it is also an important planner that keeps note of important aspects of the figure skating life.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Training Session sheets that will keep your goals in mind. What you have learned, some breakthroughs, and what you need to work on for the next session.
  • A place to log the amount of time you spent on the ice and when you will need your blades sharpened.
  • An Events page so that you can easily save the dates.
  • Important contact listings of your peers, rinks, and of course your coach!
  • Reference sheets to jot down inspirational videos, movies, websites, etc.
  • Plenty of notebook pages to write down your ideas, thoughts, tips, and advice.


Skaters will really love this journal. If you have a skater in your life, please share this product. This simple. low tech tool will help their progress in so many ways.

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