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Blackout Poetry: Turn classic literature into unique works of art


Using the Blackout poetry method is easy and fun to do. So what is Blackout poetry?

Blackout poetry is an art form where you take a piece of text and link together a selection of words that catch you eye. Use these words to form phrases or even a poem. Simply remove the rest of the words by blocking them out with a marker.

Here is what makes this journal unique:

  • In this journal the pages are already have a black background. The only thing that is white are the words. This makes your job of blocking out the unnecessary words lot easier. Save your markers and focus on your creativity and writing!
  • In case you feel inspired, there are lined sheets located on the left side and your blackout sheets on the right.

Blackout poetry is fun and rewarding for the beginner writer or the expert poet. Create your own one of a kind pieces of poetry using pages from classic literature.

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