Kate’s Colouring Haven Reviews, “Nighttime Mandalas”

This book makes its worldwide tour and the final stop? England! Where the wonderful Kate makes a great flip through of Nighttime Mandalas.

If you have seen the other reviews of this book there is a common theme (Please also check out Ana’s review and Lisa’s review as well) The confusion of whether or not there are duplicate mandalas. Here is the answer: Yes! But I failed to mention it in the book. Totally my bad!

Since these reviews, I have updated this book and hopefully made it much better. The first thing I did once I viewed these reviews (by the way, these reviews are not only used to promote but are actually useful feedback for the authors as well!), was to move all the artwork slightly to the right. These mandala designs were getting too close to the spine for my tastes. Secondly I reorganized the book, added section title pages and mentioned that there are two sets. This will finally clear up a lot of confusion!

If you’re interested in adult coloring books (colouring books in the UK), please subscribe to Kate’s channel. Thank you, Kate, for another great flip-through!

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