Lisa’s Coloring Corner reviews Nighttime Mandalas and Sacred Geometry Patterns

We’re glad to get another flip-thru from Lisa! And thanks to Lisa’s fair and honest review on our adult coloring books, we’re about to make some edits to our book, Nighttime Mandalas.

Here are some of the changes we’re about to make:

First, the nighttime mandala book has two sets which we failed to mention (Oops sorry everyone!). To clear up the confusion, we’ll add cover title pages to mark the beginning and the end of each section. We’ll of course make it known on the back cover.

Secondly – and we noticed this as well on the flip-thru by Ana from Ana’s Coloring Nook.- that the mandalas come a little too close to the spine of the book. This will be easily remedied by nudging the artwork to the right.

And Lastly… Stay tuned for a bonus section added to the book! Similar to the Bonus Section that was added to the Sacred Geometry Patterns book, we’ll add a little surprise ending 😉

If you’re interested in adult coloring, please subscribe to Lisa’s YouTube channel. She has an impressive collection of adult coloring books. If you’re interested in the diverse world of adult coloring, check out her flip throughs!

Thank you Lisa for another great review!

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Sacred Geometry Patterns Adult Coloring Book, Available on Amazon.

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